Guess the Top 25 Companies in Zim!!!

Introduction to the Zimbabwean Fiscal year


The Zimbabwean National Budget for 2016 was announced and most of us didn’t follow the event because it was just too boring to watch or listen to. The Good thing is that every year I make posts comparing our new Budget to various “things” just for kicks so this year won’t be different.

By the way, the National Budget is the government’s plan on how it will spend the money it will receive in 2016. Unlike past publications were I have compared our Budget to Global Stuff like how Samsung Spent over $5 Billion in 2014 just on Adverts alone whilst we spent $4 Billion running our entire government or the fact that Apple has over $200 Billion in Reserves. If Apple gave that money to Zim on condition that we keep our budget constant, it would last for 50 years!

“The National Budget is the government’s plan on how it will spend the money it will receive in 2016”

This year I have an idea we going to keep things Local. In 2015 the Government spent about $4 Billion “running government”, what if had it decided to starve everyone, and use the money to Buy the Assets of the Biggest Companies in Zim instead… how many companies would it buy???

Just to keep things simple I’m considering the TOTAL ASSETS of these companies as their value (that is the total values of EVERYTHING they own from Land & Buildings to inventory, Machinery etc.) in technical terms I’m only focusing on the ASSET side of their Balance Sheets. In reality when you want to buy a company you consider its net worth, i.e. the TOTAL VALUE of what the company owns; the DEBTS it has, but in this case we ranking the companies based on the value of their Assets & ignoring their liabilities (DEBT).

Zimbabwean national budget

When I say Zimbabwean Companies i mean companies that operate in Zim, though some may not have originated in Zimbabwe and for multinational companies I’m only Considering the Zim subsidiary.


The Top Companies in Zimbabwe

All this is from their 2014 and 2013 financial Statements, if you want to verify plus if there is a company you think i left out, feel free to Comment…

So let’s see if you guessed right, here are the Top 25 Zimbabwean Companies Ranked by the value of their ASSETS…

  1. OLD Mutual (ZW) $1.98 Billion (includes CABS)
  2. CBZ Holdings $1,7 Billion
  3. ZimPlats $1.4 Billion
  4. Econet – $1,2 Billion
  5. CABS – $852 million – 100% owned by OLD Mutual Zimbabwe
  6. Delta Beverages $620 million
  7. INNSCOR – $548 million (Includes NatFoods)
  8. Stanbic Bank (ZW)- $561 million
  9. FBC Holdings – $477 Million
  10. Standard Chartered Bank (ZW)- $407 million
  11. ZB Financial Holdings – $383 million
  12. Hippo Valley Estates – $363 million
  13. Meikles – $354 million
  14. Barclays Bank (ZW) – $293 million
  15. AICO – $289 miliion
  16. NMBZ – $260 million
  17. Hwange Coal – $248 million
  18. Masawara – $230 million
  19. First Mutual Holdings – $213 million
  20. Mwana Africa – $208 million
  21. MBCA – $189 million
  22. SeedCo – $161 million
  23. Zimre Property – $153.9 million
  24. CFI Holdings – $133 million
  25. Natfoods – $120 million – its part of INNSCOR

The Companies, which couldn’t make it in the Top 25:

  1. Dairibord – $68 million
  2. RioZim – $116 million
  3. OK Zimbabwe – $117 million

Most people may not know some of these companies, so here is a brief intro of the less popular ones;

  • CFI Holdings owns a bunch of Agricultural Companies including Agrifoods, SunCrest, Chicken, “Farm & City” Stores, WindMill Fertilizer and Victoria Foods.
  • MBCA is the Zimbabwean Subsidiary of NEDBANK from South Africa. OLD MUTUAL Plc (the Global Company) owns 52% of NEDBANK!
  • Mwana Africa now called ASA is a Mining Company based in the UK that has mines mostly in Zim + a few in other SADC countries
  • Masawara is : The company that owns Joina City, Cresta Hotels, Blue Ribbon Foods, Zuva Petroleum & Is the majority Shareholder of TA Holdings which own Zimnat + a bunch of other companies.
  • AICO is the Company that used to Own Cottco and Olivine before it was unbundled in 2014
  • INNSCOR – owns A lot of Companies! From Irvines, NatFoods and Colcom to Chicken INN, Bakers INN and all INNs as well as TV Sales ‘n Hire, CAPRI and many more beyond Zimbabwe. However in November 2015 Chicken INN & the other INNS were unbundled from INNSCOR, they are now owned by a new company called Simbisa Brands that was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

SKIPPED Companies that could be part of the Top 25:

  1. Green fuel, Telecel, Makomo Resources – Private Companies that dont publish their financial statements
  2. Anglo platinum – its data is combined with the South African Amplats
  3. Air Zimbabwe, TelOne, NetOne, NRZ, Zimpost and ZESA – huge Gvt business that don’t publicize their financial results.

Article by: Tyno Stiz

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