Google has changed their search criteria, this happened in 2013. What really annoys me, a web designer and search engine optimiser is when I see web designers still building static websites. My question to them… Do you not do research and stay up with the times?

The Reality

When a business, new or old, wants to get a website built they go to a “web designer”. A web designer should be up to date with what Google are doing and also what is working at the moment to give the best possible website to that client. The problem I see is web designers in Zimbabwe are not moving with the times. They are still creating websites the same way they did a couple of years ago. In my opinion this is just bad business.

Only in the past week, I have been approached to by a potential client asking me to put a “Blog” onto their website because they have heard that they need that. When the owner of the website hears they need it but a web designer does not do it.

The Solution to your Static Website Problem

When you have decided that you either want you website updated or you would like to add a much needed blog to your website… What do you do? Do you go back to the same designer who did not add a blog to your website in the beginning or do you go and source a new and fresh web designer who is currently getting great results in design and also in Google.

If you have a great looking website and it can not be seen in the search engines then what is the point …

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Credit: Zim Ninja

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