Your thinking, how much is it influenced?

Through the social interaction and ways of socialization the human brain can be tempered around with. Looking at the world today the clear evidence is that of colonization were a lot of nations got new perspectives in what is suggested to them as civilization. Before the Western countries had colonized the other continents who were called savages, and Africa as ‘dark continent’.

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When the new wave of globalization came to being, we discovered different character traits that other scholars have called cultural imperialism whilst others called them cultural hybridization’ to justify that this wave cannot be stopped, but! Lets pause a little bit, have you ever seen the Western nations wanting to dress in animal skin like what the Africans used to do?, is there a western person who advocates for communalism instead of individualism?, is there any western country that gets satisfied with the wealth that they have like the Africans before colonization?, do your researches well, the answer to all these is a big NO!!

There is a power that comes with the opinion leaders. Just as the western leaders were opinion leaders so can anyone who has a strong character influence your thinking. It is difficult for someone to associate with a thug or a drug dealer and remain clean in all the days of their walk. They say “ Bad company corrupts good morals “, that’s exactly what happens if you cling to a character different from yours. BIRDS OF THE SAME FURTHERS FLOCK TOGETHER.

Just cementing on how your mind can be influenced, I have noticed one of the powerful tool that can influence the way you think and that later even begins to have an impact on your character.

I have my life and the life of my sister to serve as a way to cement how someone’s thinking gets influenced. We lost both parents at a tender age, one was six and another was four, and we used to live together motivating each other to endure the pain, but when I turned twelve I got really sick and our uncle came to take us, note that was when the differences started. We were raised in different homes that were defined by different standards, my sister’s self esteem got affected whilst I grew to believe more in myself and yet when we were young we were not of any difference, in fact my sister was more confident than I was.

This was just one of a lot of realities that can reveal certain things to yourself. Maybe the questions that you can ask yourself are that , On what basis do you judge the flaws of someone next to you?, what has influenced your mind to regard that which is in another person to be a flaw? According to who can you discredit someone?

Almost everyone is a good person only that there is an influence behind that makes them act the way they do. If this is not true then it is a lie that someone’s advice can bring a poor person to be a billionaire. I have listened to a lot of shows by our local motivational speaker Arthur Marara and have heard a lot of phone ins, with the audience appreciating the impact that they would have received and let alone  how that would have totally changed their lives .

Surround yourself with people or books that have the same commonality with what you are passionate to achieve because getting into the wrong context will make you fail. A lot of people get their minds twisted when they chose a career based on what others say is phenomenal. But as a matter of fact that won’t be their passion or what is sitting in their hearts. A lot are enrolling in the engineering sector because of the myth which says “ Being a scientist is being a real person” but forgetting that in actual fact they are great and innovative leaders whom if that is developed they can make a nation prosperous. The mind can be influenced to build or even to destroy, but the individual has the power to filter what can get in the mind through what they take in.

Scholars have said the mind of a person is like a computer, it stores what goes into it, the mind practices what is called garbage in, garbage out. So what goes in is stored in the subconscious and that is what determines how one acts.

These are the facts that prove that what surrounds us can really influence us!!!

By Yvonne Chidochashe Manyanja  ( ROYAL HEART)

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