If you are looking to market your business online you most definitely need a website to showcase your business services and products.

Recently I had a meeting with a potential client and we were discussing online marketing as a whole and how it works and benefits a business in Zimbabwe this day in age. After going through various options, the question arose…

Why do I need a website, if I already have a Facebook page that is getting visitors?

and allow me to explain why you do need a website for your business. Firstly let me explain what Facebook and many other Social Networks offer your business…

What are Social Networks?

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are exactly what they say on the box, they are platforms where people are social and it allows your business to connect with people on a more personal level and allows you to share information quicker and have people engage with your Facebook page posts. This is called Social Interaction, you are keeping your business in the minds of your potential clients which is great.

Why do you need a website for your Business?

Your Business website is your shopfront where people can come and visit when ever they want to and browse your services and products as they want. When potential customers or clients are viewing your services and products they are assessing your company on a whole.
Another term that is used for your business website is “Money Site”, this term is derived from getting potential clients to come to your website and make the decision to use your business, making money from your website.

Having a great looking website that represents your business, it is easy to navigate and offers potential clients the information they need to make a decision will make your business stand out from the rest of your competition.

How can you use Facebook to benefit your website?

It has been proven by many dominant figures in the online marketing world that people do not buy off Facebook and by buy I mean hire a business and buy a product.

How businesses sell their services and products on Facebook and other Social Media websites is by sharing their website onto their Facebook page and Groups that are relevant. This allows you to share teaser information with a direct link to a page with a lot more information that will answer any questions about the service or product and allow them to make the choice to buy or use your service.

Having a business page that is getting good traffic and then sending it towards your Business Website through specific targeted posts will allow you to get more business enquiries and product sales in the end and this is the overall goal of online marketing.


What does your website offer clients that a Facebook Page does not?

Your website is a group of pages that explains your whole business to a potential client. After reading through your website, looking at your images and services or products that you offer, that client will know whether they will use your business or not.


Information that your website will offer a client:

  • Company overview
  • Business History
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Galleries
  • Products
  • Videos
  • and more

Some clients will only look at your company overview and make a decision to use your company and other clients will want to know everything about your business. Each to their own but all this information is useful to your total client base. And a very big plus is all this website content is going to get your website visible in Google and allow potential clients to find your business by using specific keywords or phrases.


For any questions on online marketing and business websites reach out.

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